What’s in a Name? Would You Vote Drumpf For President?

So it turns out that Donald John Trump’s ancestors went by the name Drumpf. It was changed when family members emigrating from Germany arrived in America. You have to admit that Trump does sound so much better. Especially if you happen to make your family name a business brand. A brand name, by the way, claimed to be worth three billion dollars by the Donald himself (it’s true). I don’t know about you, but I think a Drumpf by any other name still smells as rotten.

You have to check out this entertaining and brilliant video by John Oliver on why we simply cannot vote for this genuinely awful human being. It is the best expose of Trump I’ve seen and should be shown as widely as possible. Please pass it along.

Inequality of Wealth in America – Just How Bad Is It?

If you are trying to understand why Bernie Sanders message is resonating with so many voters and think that what he proposes is unrealistic you need to watch this video.



The question is, what are you gonna do  about it?

Nuns with guns
Probably, not the best option.

Or you could just vote for Bernie.



The truth is that the problems of inequality and disparity of wealth are even worse on a global scale.


For more ideas about what you can do go to this website http://therules.org/